Feline Toxoplasma kills Hawaiian dolphins

Although usually only terrestrial animals suffer from toxoplasmosis, this microscopic parasite is also dangerous for marine life. At least two dolphins washed up on the shores of the Hawaiian Islands in 2015 and 2019 died after becoming infected with Toxoplasma, and this once again underlines the danger of animals introduced by humans (including cats) for […]

Bright fluorescence helps deep sea corals attract prey

This was established by Israeli scientists in the course of laboratory experiments Corals with photosynthetic zooxanthellae, which form shallow water reefs, capture sunlight penetrating the water surface. Other types of corals are able to grow at depths of up to 6,000 in dark and cold water environments. And they use bioluminescence as bait for prey. […]

3D printed coral reef replicas for seabed recovery

Coral reefs existed at the time of the dinosaurs, the ice age and have survived numerous environmental changes but… will they manage to do so in the 21st century? Many are disappearing, although we have already seen the archiREEF initiative, this time the Aquatic Animal Medical Research Center of Excellence (VMARCE) at Chulalongkorn University in […]

Underwater trees to the rescue of coral reefs in Florida

Scientists from the University of Miami have managed to plant 25,000 corals in the waters of Florida and the Caribbean In the waters of South Florida you can find curious structures made of plastic tubes with pieces of coral tied to them. They are small underwater trees with which scientists and students from the University […]

California creates artificial oyster reefs to protect coasts from erosion

In addition to strengthening the bottom, mollusks purify water from pollution and help marine vegetation. In the US, scientists have begun to strengthen the shores of San Diego Bay in California with concrete structures that are used as the foundation for oyster reefs. Each of these structures weighs 135 kilograms and consists of a mixture […]

Feeding coral polyp larvae could save degrading reef ecosystems

Coral reefs are going through hard times today: in particular, the largest of them – the Great Barrier Reef in Australia – has already partially degraded, and now scientists are looking for ways to restore it. As it turns out, it’s not enough to disperse coral polyp larvae over damaged areas of the reef – […]

Toys that save coral reefs

Oli&Carol joins Coral Gardeners in a global movement in defense of reefs, which play a crucial role in the ecosystem. The Oli&Carol toy brand has partnered with Coral Gardeners, the international collective of scientists, engineers, creators and advocates for the preservation of coral reefs whose existence is vital to the ecosystem. In this way, the […]

Brazil: Project breathes new life into coral reefs

The “Coralizar” project on Brazil’s northeast coast is dedicated to saving coral reefs – an ecosystem that is particularly sensitive to global warming. The small start-up company Biofábricas is the pillar of the “Coralizar” project, which is supported by WWF Brasil. “We collect fragments of coral that have fallen to the seabed, breed them and […]