Restoring oyster reefs for better fish life

PLUMP Noosa River oysters may be back on the market in the coming years as local researchers help restore the health and marine biodiversity by opening 14 “fish hotels” There has been no commercial oyster harvesting in Noosa estuary system since about 650 growing cages were removed from Lake Weyba in the 1960s, but now […]

PhD Opportunity – Development of culture techniques for the native oyster, Ostrea Angasi, to maximise farm production and restore reef habitat

In recent years there have been various attempts in Tasmania and South Australia to culture the native (flat) oyster, Ostrea angasi, but they have never developed into a major industry, largely because Pacific oysters have been easier and faster to grow. However, with the recent outbreak of OsHV-1 virus causing Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome (POMS), […]


Australian Shellfish Reef Restoration Network Meeting & 19th International Conference on Shellfish Restoration Please plan on joining shellfish restoration experts, resource managers, shellfish growers, community groups, NGOs and others in the ‘City of Churches’ Adelaide for a joint conference between International Conference on Shellfish Restoration (ICSR) and the Australian Shellfish Reef Restoration Network (SRRN). The three day […]

War on waste: Recycling shells from your plate to benefit the ocean

Have you ever thought about what happens to the shells from a bowl of mussels or a plate of oysters?In most parts of Australia, there’s a high chance they will end up in landfill. But for the last two years, restaurants and seafood wholesalers in Geelong, south-west of Melbourne, have been donating their shells to […]

The Angasi oyster makes a comeback

From fished out to fresh again, the Angasi oyster is returning. Back in Australia’s colonial past, early settlers were often keen to either establish or find a “little piece of England” so, when they discovered the Angasi oyster, they saw how similar it was to the flat oysters they were used to back at home. […]

Victoria’s only native oysters to make their comeback to clean bay

The scene is set for Victoria’s only native oysters to start their work of cleaning the waters in Port Phillip Bay and attracting more fish after 360 tonnes of limestone rubble was laid on the seabed. Led by The Nature Conservancy, the Port Phillip Shellfish Reef restoration project is one of the state’s largest bay restoration programs. […]

Recycling initiative to help oyster population in Pumicestone Passage

THE people running this recycling project are not after plastic bottles or aluminium cans — they want oyster shells. Moreton Bay Regional Council has agreed to enter into a five-year community lease with aquatic animal health experts, Digsfish Services, to help their groundbreaking work to restore shellfish reefs and improve water quality in the Pumicestone […]

Oysters key in shellfish reef conservation project

HUNDREDS of thousands of oysters will be spread on the sea floor near Geelong under a major project aimed at restoring shellfish reefs The Nature Conservancy is focusing its rehabilitation efforts on Wilson Spit, which is south of Avalon, and a site off St Kilda. The group has started works on stage two of its […]

Australia Day Award for SA Port River Shellfish Restoration Working Group

The Port Adelaide Shellfish Restoration Project Group received an Australia Day Award for their restoration efforts in Port River. They were awarded for promoting inclusion of young people through community-based citizen science opportunities. Local partnerships have been developed with schools and local businesses on the Lefevre Peninsula to facilitate the monitoring of trial shellfish restoration […]