Feeding coral polyp larvae could save degrading reef ecosystems

Coral reefs are going through hard times today: in particular, the largest of them – the Great Barrier Reef in Australia – has already partially degraded, and now scientists are looking for ways to restore it. As it turns out, it’s not enough to disperse coral polyp larvae over damaged areas of the reef – […]

Toys that save coral reefs

Oli&Carol joins Coral Gardeners in a global movement in defense of reefs, which play a crucial role in the ecosystem. The Oli&Carol toy brand has partnered with Coral Gardeners, the international collective of scientists, engineers, creators and advocates for the preservation of coral reefs whose existence is vital to the ecosystem. In this way, the […]

Brazil: Project breathes new life into coral reefs

The “Coralizar” project on Brazil’s northeast coast is dedicated to saving coral reefs – an ecosystem that is particularly sensitive to global warming. The small start-up company Biofábricas is the pillar of the “Coralizar” project, which is supported by WWF Brasil. “We collect fragments of coral that have fallen to the seabed, breed them and […]

New giant and healthy coral reef discovered in Tahiti

The finding, at a greater depth than usual, suggests that there may be more unknown corals, something key to a highly threatened ecosystem around the world, says UNESCO. Rarely in these times can positive news be given about the increasingly damaged coral reefs in the world, so UNESCO has not hesitated to take the opportunity […]

Why corals are disappearing on the planet

World Oceans Day was celebrated on 8 June. The United Nations established it in 2008 to draw attention to the devastating impact of humans on marine ecosystems. Coral reefs are among the most endangered and threatened with extinction. Why and how soon will this happen? What can humanity do to avert disaster? Here’s the key […]

Reef restoration began in Wagonga Bay

The precious shoreline of Wagonga Bay in Narum will soon be protected by a new “living shoreline,” and today marks the start of the first phase of the landmark Wagonga Bay Living Shoreline Project. Kylie Russell, acting program manager for the NSW Department of Primary Industries’ Marine Strategy Program, said the project will demonstrate how […]

20th International Conference on Shellfish Restoration

The 20th International Conference on Shellfish Restoration (ICSR) will be held from the 27 – 30 April 2021 in Nelson Bay, New South Wales, Australia.With shellfish restoration efforts and research growing globally each year, this conference will provide an exciting opportunity to progress the science and practice of shellfish reef restoration by providing a forum […]