Record-Breaking Summer Temperatures Off Labrador Coast

Labrador’s oceanic shelf has witnessed unparalleled high temperatures this summer, reveals the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans. Warmer Oceans, Greater Consequences Research scientist Frederic Cyr, based in St. John’s DFO, informed that the summer of 2023 has been rather astounding for global oceans. “The entire North Atlantic reached record high temperatures,” Cyr remarked, emphasizing […]

The Humpback Whale Season Begins Along Western Australia’s Coral Coast

Approximately 40,000 humpback whales are expected to migrate along our coastline Every year, from June to November, Western Australia experiences its humpback whale season. During the winter and spring months, you can have the incredible opportunity to observe these majestic creatures up close in their natural habitat. Australia’s Coral Coast, stretching 1,100 kilometers from Cervantes […]

Phytoplankton give life to the oceans

From global to regional scales, satellite images represent the dynamic beauty of the world’s oceans. Each view reveals something unique, from the seasonal pulses of life to the colorful imprint of phytoplankton blooms. Almost all life in the ocean depends on tiny photosynthetic organisms known as phytoplankton. These microscopic plant-like organisms capture carbon dioxide from […]

Chinese biologists discover new natural source of antibiotics

Chinese scientists have found that the marine bivalve mollusc Meretrix petechialis is able to produce an antibiotic. Exploring the habitat of the mollusk, namely the thickness of the coastal silt off the coast of China, biologists suggested that in contact with a variety of pathogens and microbes, mollusks should develop a powerful defense mechanism. By […]

Scientists tether cameras to sharks and discover huge underwater forest

Researchers have equipped tiger sharks with cameras and trackers to study the seafloor To the scientists’ surprise, the fish led them to a spectacular discovery: the cameras filmed a huge underwater forest of algae, probably the largest on the planet. It stretches over 90 thousand square meters. miles in the Caribbean. According to study co-author […]