The 19th International Conference on Shellfish Restoration was held at the University of Adelaide 19-21 February 2018.

This is the first time the conference has been held in the southern hemisphere and reflects the rapid increase in restoration research and practice in Australia.
Over 70 delegates were present over the three day conference, including speakers from the US, UK, Germany, New Zealand, and China.

The two days of presentations included a focus on enabling restoration and case studies, research and development, community engagement and globalizing the recovery of shellfish habitats.

The field trips were held on the second day, and include a trip to the Gulf St Vincent oyster restoration site to discuss the project with oyster growers, local councillors and the project leaders.

Overall the event was a big success with high-quality presentations, new collaborations formed and a knowledge shared among nationals and projects.

The Australian Shellfish Reef Restoration Network hosted the conference along with The Nature Conservancy, the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, SA, the University of Adelaide, TropWATER, James Cook University and The NESP Marine Biodiversity Hub.