save coral reefs

Oli&Carol joins Coral Gardeners in a global movement in defense of reefs, which play a crucial role in the ecosystem.

The Oli&Carol toy brand has partnered with Coral Gardeners, the international collective of scientists, engineers, creators and advocates for the preservation of coral reefs whose existence is vital to the ecosystem. In this way, the company thus joins a global movement in defense of what are also known as “the tropical forests of the sea” due to the crucial role they play in the ecosystem.

Oli&Carol, as a global brand, is aware of the carbon footprint it generates. It uses 100% natural materials, because recycling and avoiding plastic is not enough, and that is why it offers more than toys; its purpose as a brand goes further. The company is committed to continuing the Coral Gardeners ‘We the reefs’ program in the planting and restoration of coral reefs. Although they cover less than 1% of the ocean floor, these organisms are home to 1/4 of all marine life, and play a very important role in oxygen production.

The increase in ocean temperature due to global warming is altering the symbiosis between corals and the algae that nourish them, preventing them from obtaining energy to grow and reproduce. Likewise, the acidification of the oceans due to their absorption of carbon dioxide is seriously affecting the skeletons of corals. These, which are mainly composed of calcium carbonate, are devoured by the more acidic waters, putting the entire marine ecosystem at risk.

With their collaboration, the brand joins the ‘We the reefs’ program, donating a percentage of annual sales to protect and restore the world’s coral reefs. In this way, it establishes objectives for 2025, among which are the planting of 1 million corals, restoring the largest coral reef in the world and opening 20 new locations.